What is Maraoke?

Maraoke is modded karaoke: a library of singalong classics rewritten about videogames and sung by audiences at our events across the world. Want to know more? Come along to our next event, contact us for booking enquiries, ping us on social media or just pop into our Discord and ask us anything.

Maraoke happens wherever you want it to happen - you just have to book us. But we run regular events in London (because it's where we live). Below you should be able to see any upcoming shows!
Upcoming Shows
Hire Us?

Book Maraoke for your party, conference, wedding, corporate retreat, island paradise, hotel room seance or any other event that requires the world's best videogame karaoke system.

You'll get two hosts and access for the night to our 500-song catalogue - and, if you want, a song of your own, rewritten about a subject of your choice.

E-mail us at hello@maraoke.com, letting us know your dates and requirements, and we'll get straight back to you with an estimate.


Yes, we've got merch now!

Why not buy some, it is nice and will help us develop exciting new karaoke (but about video games) technology.

Song List

What karaoke classics (with added video game jokes) can you sing at Maraoke? Check our full song list here.

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